What values drive your wanderlust?

“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy” – Lucille Ball

Snowy Schiller in #Chiberia

I am my happiest when I am living my life through my values.

Love | one of the hardest values for me when I go on a trip. I am very close to my family and my friends and have loved making Chicago my new home base. I love my people and I’m most afraid of leaving them all behind. This is the first time I’m taking a trip, long-term, and it’s not because I’m bored, wanting to leave a boyfriend, or running away from something else. But as all of us seasoned travelers know, travel makes your ability to love grow that much deeper.

Freedom | this values takes on many meanings for me. First, my independence means a lot to me. I hate to feel confined, limited or stuck. I enjoy ambiguity, spontaneity and feeling empowered to make my own decisions. I think my inherit need to travel stems from this value. I also care about the freedom of others. I’ve spent the past four years working towards education reform in the United States because I believe education a powerful tool that creates freedom.

Learning | another value that drives my lust for travel. Learning has shaped so many of the decisions I’ve made – as I gravitate towards new roles, organizations, places and experiences because I thrive on challenges. I am constantly seeking to learn, to grow and to become a better person.

I hope this blog is an inspiration – and a kick in the ass – to you. You’re reading this because you’re thinking about traveling, but you’re afraid to take the leap. You have the money (or you will shortly) and you can find the time. If you’ve got that tug at your heart, that traveler’s itch (the good kind), I promise you that it’s not going away until you satisfy it.

Deciding to live my life fully through my values means using them as my framework for making decisions.

What are your values? Do you feel you are living up to them day in and day out? Do your values ever come in conflict? Not sure what yours truly are? Contact me for some great resources that helped me define my own values.

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