My Travel Plans | 2014-2015

Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris

I contributed my first guest post this week to one of my favorite travel blogs, A Southern Gypsy by Ashley Hubbard. Check out Put on Your Night Vision Goggles in the Amazon about getting over my fear of the dark by night hiking through the Peruvian Amazon!

Life is zipping by. I hit 25 and I can almost tangibly feel my weeks and months moving faster. Major changes have become commonplace and I can barely keep up. I started this blog over six months ago now as a place to capture old travel stories, to encourage myself to edit and take more photos, and to get in the habit of writing. I’m still discovering my voice and style, but this poor blog has definitely been abandoned over the past month or so and I blame the June Gods.

And while life in general feels like it’s moving exponentially faster than it used to, summer in Chicago passes at lightning speed, a speed increased by the number of visitors, sunny days and patio beers consumed. Due to this intoxicating mix, it is already the sixth of July and summer is half-way gone.

The academic calendar of 2014-2015 (no, I am not in currently school, but yes, this former educator still operates on an academic calendar) holds some of my most exciting adventures yet. So while I still find myself wanting to hide in my apartment having some newly appreciated me-time, I realize that with my limited time in Chicago, particularly with Anuj, I need to shut down that voice and get out to play as much as I can.

Below you’ll find my travel plans for this year!


July, August | Summer in the US (Chicago, Boston)

The rest of this summer will be spent here in Chicago completing business school applications, crossing off bucket list items with Anuj before he leaves for D.C. for business school and heading to Boston for my cousin’s wedding. I’ll be hitting up even more festivals, kicking it with the family and hoarding Oberon (my favorite summer-only beer from Bells brewery in Michigan). I’ll be moving in with a great friend of mind for a few months at the end of July.

Chicago skyline

September | TBEX (Cancun, Mexico)

In September, I’m heading to Cancun for my first ever travel blogger conference, TBEX! Why go to a travel blogger conference, you ask? Well, I figure if I’m going to do something, I might as well do it right. So, I’m hoping to learn some tips and tricks for travel blogging, but even more so, looking forward to connecting with other travel bloggers (and travelers). Plus, it’s supposed to be really fun. And look at that pool (drools).

October, November | Goodbye to US (Chicago, Boston, DC)

The rest of the calendar year will be spent tying up loose ends at my job (for those of you who were wondering, I ended up getting the promotion anyways!), visiting Anuj in DC, packing for my trip, bacheloretting and bridal showering with Jamie and then heading to Boston for our family’s yearly Thanksgiving.


December-April | Southeast Asia – Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia…?

On Dec. 1 I’ll be venturing to Southeast Asia for a six-month solo backpacking trip. I’m keeping my itinerary loose so that I can travel slow, make friends and go where I feel. A few friends will hopefully be visiting over Christmas – New Years and my paps is planning to join me in Vietnam. This is my first big adventure since living abroad for a year in Buenos Aires. I am jittery with excitement for this adventure. Epic.

April | Mexico

In April, I’ll be flying back from my trip to watch Jamie get married in Mexico. The location isn’t finalized, but she’s thinking end of the month, somewhere in that lovely country. I’m hoping that by this point, I’ve figured out the whole using miles for travel thing. It’s actually a really nice end date for my trip and an excuse to head back to the Americas.

May, June, July | Central America

If I have the money and the ganas, then I’m going to head south after Jamie’s wedding to make a few stops in some Spanish-speaking countries. This feels  a little way too far in advance for me to plan, so we’ll get back to that later.

Dominical, Costa Rica Come Fall 2015, I hope you can find me seated in a lecture hall in business school. While I expect my international plans to change, I am blessed to get so much time with my cousins and extended family before I head out. I feel deep pride and excitement for the life-changing two years ahead of Anuj and am already having so much fun getting Jamie ready for her big day. You can probably hear me giggling, jumping up and down and shrieking “we’re getting married” all the way in Bangkok.

I am now looking for recommendations of off-the-beaten-path places to go in Southeast Asia! Please leave your favorites in the comments.

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6 Responses to My Travel Plans | 2014-2015

  1. Caroline Gray July 6, 2014 at 6:35 pm #

    Cannot wait to hear about your Southeast Asia trip, Emily!

  2. Hannah Wasielewski July 7, 2014 at 11:15 am #

    Wow, I’m extremely jealous! Unfortunately, going to tbex didn’t work out for me this year. I’m hoping I’ll be able to go in the future! As for SE Asia, that is a dream trip of mine, and 6 months sounds like the perfect amount of time. I’m really looking forward to reading about that!
    Hannah Wasielewski recently posted…Things I Won’t Miss About Living in BrazilMy Profile

    • Emily Moyer July 14, 2014 at 2:11 pm #

      I’ll let you know how it goes! I’m pretty excited 🙂

  3. Londoner Kate July 17, 2014 at 6:14 am #

    Hey. I am also off on a year long travel adventure from September. I’ll be doing the backpacker trail from Thailand from December 1st. We might bump into each other!
    Londoner Kate recently posted…Travel Planning: My 1 year travel itinerary *UPDATED*My Profile

    • Emily Moyer July 17, 2014 at 2:56 pm #

      Hey Kate! I sure hope we do! Looking forward to checking out your blog 🙂

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